Discover Thessaloniki while running

Welcome to Thessaloniki, a city not only of historical interest but also a modern urban centre.

We run with you through monuments, paths, plazas and neighborhoods, to introduce you

to the multicultural history of the city, its people and their way of living.

Enjoy your run sight by sight

Explore the city as a RUNNER.

Set the pace and leave the rest to us! 

We will show you the city, its monuments and unique beauty in the way we love most, RUNNING!

Not only a run, not only a sightseeing

It’s up to you to decide whether you pick a powerful street training, or a pleasant guided tour. Either way, our team will see to offering you a lifetime experience in our city!

We love this City

What others say...

     Anna Russel, England

    "Went running down the boardwalk with "Run With Me Thessaloniki" and it was amazing! We took snaps of the most wonderful sunset along the Aegean sea, surrounded by local people walking, running and having fun by the sea. Who could ask for more? Highly recommended! 

     Marc Legrand, Canada

    "The most rewarding Castle-area itinerary, really worth every drop of sweat! The team are just great, highly motivating and experienced to lead us with success to the finish spot. Way more than I expected, I will definitely do it again in my next visit to Thessaloniki!” Thank you guys for a unique experience!

      Flor Norambuena Fernandez, Spain

    "I doubted I would make it through this Old-city tour, as I’m not a seasoned runner, but I took the chance to see this unique part of the city and did not regret it! The team of Run With Me Thessaloniki are so encouraging and supportive! And we had lots of fun, too!”

run as a local




the meeting point for all local runners...


Distance: 5-12 Km

Duration:  50-70 min

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate




run where time has stopped...


Distance: 7-12 Km

Duration:  90-120 min

Difficulty: Μoderate-Advaced




run to time and culture...


Distance: 5-10 Km

Duration:  60-90 min

Difficulty: Moderate




the city is transformed into a scenic neighborhood...


Distance: 5-10 Km

Duration: 60-90 min





The Tour that you have imagined...


Distance: 8-15 Km

Duration:  60-120min

Difficulty: Easy-Advanced